Nick Hakim - “Lift Me Up From Here”

Berklee band, Red Oblivion will be at Lollapalooza on Sunday 8/5 at 12NOON

Campusounds Presents: Nick Hakim - Sleep

Shot by Devon Yesberger


Our own Kendel Ratley weighed in with American Songwriter about what it takes to “make it.” This might be our favorite part:

Next, how do I get people in the industry to hear it, so I can get a record deal or have it placed in a commercial?

Differentiate yourself. What makes you, you? You don’t have to be gimmicky or create a fake backstory. Just be yourself and share your passion, inspiration, and excitement. After all, that’s what inspires the best song you ever wrote, so don’t be afraid to reveal more.
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Pt 2 of The Jesse Scheinin Band’s Music Party in Central Park

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The Jesse Scheinin Band - Music Party in Central Park!